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Terms & Conditions for the Dreamturkishvilla

In General
We are committed to dealing with you fairly. We want you to come back next year, and to tell your friends about the Dreamturkishvilla. Throughout this document, the Dreamturkishvilla is referred to as “the Villa”. We actually built and own the Villa, and customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. These Terms and Conditions are in place to protect you as a customer and us as a family. These Terms and Conditions can be downloaded as a file from here  (.PDF Format).

Website & Brochures
We have made reasonable efforts to ensure that the description and information in this web site and documents are accurate, but minor changes may occur. We will endeavour to advise you of any such changes at the time of accepting your booking. There may be occasions, especially in the low season, when some of the facilities or amenities may not be available or open.

The price charged to you is dependant on the actual week(s) booked. The cost per week is different depending on the date staying and the number of people in the party.  Any rates may be superseded by any Dreamturkishvilla specific offers


Arriving & Leaving Time
We try and be as flexible as possible regarding your arrival and leaving time. In principle, you should try and arrive after 2:00 pm and leave before 10:00 am, however we shall discuss with you an arrangement to suit both parties.

Any travel, car hire or insurance arrangements made will be the subject of a separate agreement with the supplier of these additional services. The person accepting the booking does so on behalf of the other persons using the Villa during the booking and assumes primary responsibility for these conditions and payments in respect of the booking. The balance of the holiday cost must be forwarded not less than six weeks before commencement of the holiday, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel the booking and you could be liable to pay cancellation charges ("see Cancellation and Insurance"). For all bookings made within six weeks of departure the holiday is confirmed as soon as the verbal confirmation is given over the phone and if subsequently cancelled the "Cancellation" clause will apply. As binding contract comes into force when we confirm your booking as definite in the case of late bookings or on despatch of our confirmation in all other cases.

We strongly advise that travel insurance is taken out to provide full protection against enforced cancellation. Such a policy should also provide 24 hour emergency telephone and repatriation service. We also advise you that it is your responsibility to insure goods of value, i.e. Laptops, digital cameras etc. We can not be held responsible for the theft of goods etc whilst you are renting our Villa.

Changes to Booking
Any changes to the booking must be notified to us as soon as possible. The tariff is set to cover the hire of the Villa over the period of time specified. A reduction, or increase, in the number of people using the Villa will affect the charge made

CancellationsAll cancellations must be in writing from the person who signed the booking form and will commence from the date we received the notice in writing. The following cancellation or partial cancellation charges will apply. Theses charges are expressed as a percentage of the total invoiced cost (including deposit price).
More than 60 days: Deposit only

  • 45 to 59 days 30% of agreed tariff

  • 30 to 44 days 60% of agreed tariff

  • 15 to 29 days 80% of agreed tariff

14 days to date of commencement 100% of agreed tariff
Note that if cancellation falls within the terms of your holiday insurance policy these cancellation charges will normally be refunded by your insurance company, subject to any excess.

Adverse Situation
If a confirmed booking cannot be provided due to war, threat of war, civil strife, riot, vandalism, terrorist activities, disaster, fire, flood or inclement weather we cannot accept liability or responsibility - no compensation can be paid. You should ensure that your travel insurance policy covers such eventualities.

Your Flights
You are responsible for the provision of your flights. You must ensure that you have paid for the flights in such a way that you are financially protected should the specific airline supplying your flights goes out of business. The Dreamturkishvilla will not be able to move your start and finish date of your holiday due to an airline being unable to meet your requirements of travel. We will do our best to support you, but in all probability, there are customers booked on either side of your stay.

Responsibilities of you, the Holidaymaker
The number of persons using the property must not exceed eight. If you have a number of small children that increase the number to above eight please contact us so that we can help you. In the event of a refusal of entry due to larger numbers of people than expected, no refund can be given. You are responsible for keeping and leaving the Villa including its facilities and equipment in good order and replacing/paying the owners representative locally for any damage, breakages, or loss. In the event of any abuse of the Villa we reserve the right to terminate the letting and no refund will be payable.

No pets may be taken into the Villa.


We ask you not to smoke in the Villa. Please feel free to smoke on the terrace or in the garden. Lots of families use the Villa, and we believe that it is unfair on the following family to leave the inside of the Villa with the remnants of smoke.


We are anxious that you have a wonderful holiday and should do all that is possible to rectify any problems you should encounter with the property or transfers between the airport and the Villa. Please refer any queries to our local representative initially. In the unlikely event of a serious complaint, you should advise us in writing within 14 days of the last day of your booked date in the accommodation.

Health Requirements
You should check with your doctor regarding any inoculations or other health requirements which may be necessary well before your travel dates. At the time of printing, there are no compulsory vaccinations required for Turkey which are applicable to British citizens. However, we cannot be responsible for those matters and you should make your own enquiries of you own doctor if you have any doubts.

Passport and Visa
Holidaymakers will require a passport valid for the duration of the holiday. We believe that a British Visitors Passport is permitted, but you should make your own enquiries to confirm this. We recommend that your passport is valid for three months beyond the end of your holiday. At time of writing to you, a Turkish visa is no longer required for UK nationals to visit Turkey, but if this changes it is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of any new visa requirements. If you or any member of your parties does not have a UK passport, it is your responsibility to check and understand the visa requirements for the nationality that person has. This information is given in good faith but without responsibility.


Covid-19 Pandemic

At the time of booking the Villa, there are instances of Covid 19 Pandemic around the world. Should the pandemic continue, or a new pandemic is introduced which results in flights to or from Turkey being stopped, we are not responsible for sourcing, acquiring or purchasing an alternative method of transport or flight. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of specific travel requirements such as the type of luggage you can take on board your flight, the wearing of face masks and the health forms that must be completed either online or offline to help the tracking and tracing of people moving in and out of Turkey and returning back to the UK or any other country that you may be visiting after your stay at the Villa.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the local rules and guidelines in Turkey for the wearing of face masks, moving around the local area and using sanitiser where required.
Should you be asked by a Turkish official in any capacity to undertake a lockdown which involves remaining inside the Villa grounds for any duration during your holiday this is your responsibility to do so and there will be no refunds or compensation given by us as compensation.

If the travel arrangements are changed prior to the holiday commencing due to Turkey being removed from the UK safe corridor list, we will support you by allowing you to move the holiday dates to a free calendar date in the future. Note that existing future customer bookings will take priority and we are unable to move pre-booked dates booked by other customers. All other cancellations are as per the cancellation policy in this document.

Should you be staying at the Villa and your flights back to the UK are changed, we will endeavour to support you by allowing you to remain at the Villa until a return flight can be located. Note the following customer has priority and if a new customer is booked into the Villa, they will have priority to stay. Extra nights that you stay at the Villa will be charged at the nightly rate agreed for your current stay. You will be required to claim this back from your insurance company. Payments for extra nights must be made in advance. If necessary, we can help you find local accommodation in a hotel or an alternative villa to suit your budget if required. 

Property Ownership
We as owners of the Dreamturkishvilla reserves the right of access to the Dreamturkishvilla at any reasonable time during the holiday occupancy by either ourselves or our local representative. The Dreamturkishvilla is subject to the conditions and regulations of local and international law. Neither we as the Owners or our local representative shall be responsible for the death of or personal injury to you or any other person or loss, damage or accident to personal property save insofar as this results from proven negligence.

Personal Property

We as the Owners or our local representative will not be held responsible for the loss of personal possessions, even when stored in the provided safe or connected to any security device. It is your responsibility to insure any possessions whilst you are travel to, or staying in the Villa

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